Thank you for visiting my site and looking at my hunting pouches and powder horns. My name is Jeff Bibb and I strive to produce realistic copies and  representations  of original pouches, powder horns, and accouterments from the Virginian and Southern Appalachian regions. My pouches and horns are made to be used as they were intended to be, not simply as decorations for a rifle or smoothbore.

Jeff Bibb in his shop. Photo by Holly Horner.

Jeff Bibb in his shop. Photo by Holly Horner.

All of my pouches are made using traditional  materials and techniques to make them as historically  accurate as possible. Most pouches are copies of originals that I have examined and measured, or from photos of originals that provide correct dimensions. My pouches are often stained with traditional dyes and sewn with genuine linen sinew. All of my pouches are antiqued to resemble their original  counterparts. I do not damage the pouch in this process, but give it the feel of a well-used original.

If an original pouch has design features that compromise its longevity, I may modify that element to provide a better and longer-lasting pouch. My use of a reinforcing band in the back of most pouches provides a stronger attachment point for shoulder straps, allows the use of an unobtrusive hanging inside pocket for more convenience, and gives the pouch a better structure. These additions do not detract from the historical appearance of the pouch and  make the pouch more useful for its intended purpose.

My powder horns mimic the plain, functional horns found in most households of the region. Most are smaller than the classic, F&I  or revolutionary period horns which provided storage for long trips and treks. All of my horns are hand-shaped and fitted with base plugs made from traditional woods. Pine, poplar and chestnut are the most popular, and I sometimes use antique apple wood, maple, or cherry for their grain and appearance. In addition I am now making Virginia screw tip horns, Virginia banded / applied tip horns, and North Carolina banded / applied tip horns. I plan to make Southern blowing horns in the near future.

I currently have made over 60 different traditional pouches. I plan to offer more unique, “one-off” pouches and horns in the future. As they are made, I will try to keep them posted on the site. Custom orders are welcome as long as the piece fits into the realm of my work. I will be glad to discuss your needs and build a pouch or horn to fit your desires. Please contact me by phone or email for additional information.

Thank you,

Jeff Bibb

923 Ambrose Rucker Rd.
Monroe, VA  24574

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