These are associations, friends, suppliers, and good sources for information about black powder, muzzle loading, and historical art. I will be adding to them as I can. I hope you find them useful. If you talk with them, tell them you saw it here.
American Long Great site for information on modern and historical muzzle loading guns, accouterments, events and more. The “Forum” is very useful with lots of great information, photos and great folks to ask questions or open a discussion.  The virtual museum is awesome. Free to join.
Rick Sheets’ online directory for all things black powder. A great reference to find folks fast. It is growing all the time. Free to join for builders and artisans.
Larry Pletcher has an awesome site for black powder shooting. The videos of lock ignition times are fascinating and very informative to watch.
Brad and Shane Emig’s great muzzle loading guns. If you haven’t seen their work, you should.
A great source for period attire. After looking at their clothing, you can really appreciate the quality and their attention to detail.
The Contemporary Long Rifle Association. Definitely one of the best organizations around today for anyone interested in muzzle loading and historical art.
The Contemporary Makers Blog Spot. Art and Jan Riser keep finding and  posting some of the most interesting and varied work by today’s best makers. The photos are superb. A must see, and check back often!
Mike builds some of the most historically accurate (and beautiful) rifles I have seen, with a strong Southern influence in his work. Besides his talent, he is also a great person to work with.
Dixon’s Muzzle Loading Shop. Everything for black powder and the Gun Maker’s Fair every July. One of the year’s best events.
The Honourable Company of Horners. A great organization for anyone interested in making or collecting traditional powder horns and horn work.
T.C. Albert’s hunting pouch site and blog. Tim is a real gentleman, gifted artist, and the author of one of the best books about making pouches.
Muzzle Loader Magazine. The top publication for all muzzle loading interests.
The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. If you are not a member, you should be.
In addition to being good friends, John and Linda Shorb really know horns. A great source for raw, polished horns and supplies.
Ken Scott is a good friend, great teacher, and one of the most gifted artists working today. Check out his work and you will see why.
Planning to build a new gun? Troy and Shannon Roope have one of the best selections of  parts around for putting everything together. Troy also teaches a rifle building school each year through Virginia Tech’s programs. Great folks to deal with!
The Virginia Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. My home state’s group. Many local shoots are held each year.

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